Today, September 14, 2017, marks the Maturepreneurial podcast’s one year anniversary!

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Happy Birthday, Maturepreneurial!

The photo above is me, looking back with joy and wonder (and a little bit of a squint) at the amazing, blazing first year of my podcast!  Woo hoo! I did it!

I remember when I was first preparing to launch.  I spent months getting the website ready because I had a bit of a set back with my theme.  I joined online communities and groups.  I took online courses to educate myself about the job at hand and, hopefully, come out smart enough to avoid some of the pitfalls.

I remember once reading that many podcasters don’t make it past ten episodes.  Gulp!

Was that going to happen to me?

“No way!” I thought, “I’m in this for the long haul.”

“Besides, Christopher will be annoyed if I buy all this equipment and don’t make it a success.”  Haha!

And many happy returns!

Well, although I intended to succeed, I really didn’t anticipate how much fun I would have.  Or, to be honest, how hard I would work at it!  But I have to say that it’s worth it.  I’m proud of my guests and their episodes and I’m excited not only for another year of interviews and wonderful stories but also to create my second podcast.

Hopefully, if I stay on track, In late 2017, I’ll be launching Dishing with Delishes; a podcast of interviews with food bloggers at the top of their game.  Check out the website and stay tuned for details, which I’ll post on this site and on my food blog, Dishes Delish.

Thanks for your support!


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Eyes on the horizon, friends. It’s never too late to succeed!

Karsten Würth (@inf1783)

Special Episode: One Year Anniversary Show Notes

Below is a transcript of this episode. There are no other special notes.

Today September 14th, 2017 marks the first anniversary of the Maturepreneurial podcast! I’m celebrating with this special episode to say a few things and to share what I learned this past year.

First of all, Thank You! I really appreciate the support that all of you, my listeners, as well as my guests, have shown me with your downloads, your comments, your reviews and your engagement with me on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I had grand plans for this podcast when I started and I’m pleased that, with your kind encouragement and support, it has come so far so quickly. This year has flown by and my progress has exceeded my expectations.

As you know, I come from a background of performing, so being behind the mic has been a very different experience for me, one that I’ve enjoyed more than I expected to. I’ve discovered how much I love interviewing people! I love hearing their stories and sharing one or two of my own. I love the connections we make, the conversations we have and the support we share. This surprised me because I’m actually a rather shy person, especially meeting people for the first time.

It has also been eye-opening to me to see how many different kinds of people have been successful in starting their own businesses after the age of 40. The diversity among their backgrounds, interests, skill sets, and offerings is not only inspiring to me, but it also gives me a lot of hope about the future.

You have heard me say many times on this podcast that everybody has her own path and no two people have to do things the same way. Businesses, like our individual lives, are journeys that uniquely express who each of us is and wants to be. Listening to a handful of episodes really brings home how creative human beings can be and how many different ways there are to thrive economically. You don’t need to achieve anything global or even national to have an impact, or to be successful and financially independent. How encouraging is that!

Looking back over my first 52 guests, I’m pleased that even at this early stage, they represent a range of industries; some are brick and mortar businesses and some are virtual and online; some sell products, some sell services, and many sell both.

Here is a random list of professions my guests represent: web designer, real estate salesman, life coach, author, marketer, booking agent, fashion designer, public speaker, physical therapist, business consultant, fashion model, ghost writer, podcaster and the list goes on.

Some of the products my guests sell include books, clothing, spirits, skin care products, nutritional supplements, the Tip ’n Split®, and fire extinguishers.

Services include writing, editing, audio production, photography, web design, physical therapy, coaching, and consulting in multiple categories, like health, wellness, strategy, marketing, business, and personal style.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been blogging about food for two years now at Dishes Delish dot com. The business and my following are steadily growing. I’ve learned a ton this past year. My photography continues to improve and attract wider notice. I’ve recently completed some of my first sponsored posts. This year I also joined a couple of new platforms where my recipes and photos can be seen and in turn, leads people to the blog

Most exciting for me is the upcoming launch of my new podcast, Dishing with Delishes. I’m going to be interviewing successful food bloggers to get their tips, tricks, and secrets on how they became successful. Hopefully, if I stay on track, The podcast will go live in late 2017, so stay tuned.

Thanks for listening to this special episode. Please join me next week to begin another year of interviews with maturepreneurs: which are people over 40 who find the courage and persistence to earn a living on their own terms. They are a powerful example to the rest of us that it is never too late to succeed!

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