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Image Curator    
October 23, 2017 by Style For All from United States
I really enjoy the variety of gustes that Elaine interviews, as well as her great interviewing style with the ability to make each episode interesting and inspitring. I consider myself lucky to be a future guest on Maturepreneurial.
October 8, 2017 by janepollak from United States
These podcasts offer so much value and vitality to aspiring entrepreneurs. I love hearing these stories and the inside look at business ownership.
A must listen    
September 16, 2017 by Epatte from United States
This podcast is a must listen to anyone over 40 who wants a little inspiration. It’s great to see guests as well known as Gay Hendricks. Keep up the good work!
Episode 25 is Inspiration    
September 16, 2017 by TChan Games from United States
The guest Bill Belew made me think about hiring others to compliment my skills. I also want to create content that I would own. Great job Elaine for the awesome interview!
Episode 52 with 100k…    
September 15, 2017 by London Porter from United States
…braces, and backing a kids business with Hendricks is wildly entertaining and informative. Check it out.
September 15, 2017 by Allmenow from United States
This is a great show to learn about entrepreneurship and the different backgrounds your guests have. It’s inspiring to me knowing that I can do it, too!! BTW, congrats on 1 year!
Insightful views for entrepreneurial success…    
August 26, 2017 by Jim Akers from United States
Learning from others who have forged success in an arena you want to pursue always produces positive results. Elaine Benoit brings talented guests who provide keen insights into entrepreneruial success. There are nuggets I have discovered in each of the episodes.
Great show!    
August 26, 2017 by smbyrne10 from United States
Elaine really has a great show with excellent guests. I listen to a lot of entrepreneurial shows and I love Elaine’s interview style. I can’t wait to learn more from her ‘seasoned’ guests. Keep up the great work!
Key lessons for entrepreneurial success    
August 25, 2017 by DesignAuthor from United States
Elaine Benoit provides an intriguing show that uncovers entrepreneurial paths that provide key lessons for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs. She has a great interview style that engages both her guest and you, the listener. Wonderful show!
The Podcast To Push You To Start    
August 14, 2017 by Mr. Tide Turner from United States
Do you have that desire to start something although you’ve been in that job for some time or want to learn valuable insights from others who have succeeded? This show is a must listen too. Elaine is a wonderful host and interviews guests who provide real insights from their own story to provide assistance in your entreprenurial journey.
Wonderful show!    
August 6, 2017 by KristieR11 from United States
Really love the way Elaine brings forth the information. What a great concept to approach the stories and wisdom of entrepreneurs of all walks of life and all stages of their journey. This show is content and information packed and absolutely enjoyable!!
It’s Never to Late    
August 5, 2017 by Uncontained Static from United States
I love their motto “It’s never too late to succeed.” Elaine has a great conection with her guests and really brings out the story that they have to share….. Great questions!
Fantastic Podcast!    
August 4, 2017 by BCPod1 from United States
Elaine is a fantastic host! Great questions and so many lessons learned – so inspiring!
Experience Counts    
August 4, 2017 by from United States
I recommend this show, great diversity in guests. Each an expert in their own way. I enjoyed listening most recently to Tom Schwab share his expertise on growing his business, with insights into both his successes and failures.
July 21, 2017 by Ragnar00 from United States
I love that this podcast gives actions and things to do rather than consume only mode. Yes!
Inspiring and informative    
July 21, 2017 by Hugo2002 from United Kingdom
Elaine has created a great podcast that shows us all that you’re never to old to be an entrepreneur. Some great experiences are shared by Elaine’s guests to inspire others to take action in becoming entrepreneurs.
So much needed podcast!!    
July 13, 2017 by Malena39 from United States
Many people want to start a business later in life, but they have unique challenges and desires… SO glad to see that this podcast exists to support this group of people!
Entertaining and Inspiring!    
June 23, 2017 by Pauline21HMT from Hong Kong
I’ve heard a lot of cases before that people over 40 dare not start up their own ventures and follow their passions, only because of their age. Your show just proves that anything is possible regardless of age! In fact, experience and wisdom comes with age also! Love this show and the success stories of your guests are so inspiring!
Mil Milagros    
June 23, 2017 by Kathy Mo. from United States
Margaret Blood is a brilliant, progressive, people-centered entrepreneur. This episode (31) inspires and teaches with wisdom and integrity. Her Guatemalan endeavor, Mil Milagros, truly offers a thousand blessings nearly every day.
Great Show for All Entrepreneurs!    
June 11, 2017 by DrMarcD from United States
Great show with a wide variety of entrepreneurs interviewed. The collective information that Elaine provides in this podcast should inspire anyone regardless of age to begin their entrepreneurial journey!
Great host, great guests, perfect topic!    
June 10, 2017 by Robin Legat from United States
Love finding this show dedicated to Maturepreneurs! As an over 40 entrepreneur myself, I feel like I’ve finally found an entrepreneurial podcast that speaks to me. Loved the steps toward making a breakthrough that Soren Skovdahl Hansen shared in the most recent episode. Adding this one to my subscribe list – I can’t wait to dig in further!
June 9, 2017 by TheNumberOneSon from United States
In a ‘Tech’ heavy start-up world it is refreshing to hear Elaine speak with Maturepreneurial’s the wisdom and ‘life credit’ her guest have is the value add! I really like this podcast.
Success at any Age!    
June 9, 2017 by Jkenific from United States
Elaine does a great job in talking about (solo and with guests) about what it takes to reach your goals. Not only does she draw out the practical roads the maturepreneurial has to take, but also, what puts them/us on the road n the first place. Great job!
Great entrepreneurial guests    
May 29, 2017 by SorenHansen from Denmark
I really enjoy the focus on the fact that it is never too late and the stories to support it. I really get motivated and pushed by this.
Much needed!    
May 26, 2017 by Frederick Munawa from Canada
The stereotypical 20-something-year-old entrepreneur who becomes a billionaire is the exception and not the rule. In reality, the guys with a few grey hairs are the ones with the requisite experience to succeed.
Great advice    
May 19, 2017 by JackieMacD from United States
So easy to listen and great info. I’m learning a lot!
Great host and great show.    
May 12, 2017 by StinsonLiles from United States
Love the guests… confidence-building for sure!
it’s great    
May 12, 2017 by Alex Dali Rizo from United States
what a podcast!!! love it highly recommended
Great Show!    
May 6, 2017 by PMaskill from United States
Love the concept and Elaine is a fantastic host. Love how she is digging in with the older generation…very good people to learn from!
Get the info and support you need    
May 5, 2017 by Trexerb from United States
There are diffrent issue that come up when you are a Maturepreneur. I much needed podcast. Thank you!
Great For My Entrepreneurial Journey!    
April 28, 2017 by Louis Frank from United States
As an entrepreneur getting past the startup stages has been a process. This podcast is great for business owners of all stages. Provides good information on failure and why it’s important. Can’t wait to hear more!
Great Interviews!    
April 28, 2017 by dbs4567 from United States
Elaine is a great interviewer and brings out the best information from her guests. She’s a natural and very enjoyable. Keep them coming!
Incredibly Important Topic    
April 28, 2017 by ChrisM003 from United States
This is one of the most interesting topics I have seen on iTunes as it’s not talked about nearly enough. There is so much opportunity available regardless of age and Elaine is bringing this conversation to the forefront, where it belongs.
Fantastic Show!    
April 23, 2017 by Gamelicious441 from United States
What a great show, I recommend this to everyone, not just older entrepreneurs. There is such a wealth of information available here that everyone can benefit from.
Informative and Entertaining    
April 23, 2017 by Angela Brown Oberer from United States
Great show. I just listed to the interview with Dr. Joe Tatta and was blown away by this concept of learning from mature entrepreneurs. I love it! Keep up the great work.
April 21, 2017 by PodcasterStephanie from United States
Elaine has a hit! The podcast has a great sound and she gives a fantastic interview. And…being a maturepreneurial it gave me some great ideas and inspiration.
Interesting Show!    
April 21, 2017 by rglick721 from United States
This is a unique concept for a show, and the topics I’ve listened to thus far are very good. Elaine does a great job interacting with her guests to get the most out of each episode.
Great Idea and a great show    
April 21, 2017 by Hayut Yogev from United States
Sometimes it feels like entrepreneurship is the youngs’ planet. Listening to the guests on this show gives us an interesting and a much wider view of the entrepreneurial scene.
April 11, 2017 by dsalt00 from United States
I love the authenticity of this show, thank you for taking the time to share such great content!!!!
Great Podcast! Great Concept!    
April 7, 2017 by PapaTT3377 from United States
I love the fact that Elaine interviews successful entrepreneures who are sharing their lessons learned so others do not make the same mistakes! Great information. Elaine does an excellent job in interviewing here guests. Keep up the great work! Robert Thibodeau
Great Show! Great Host!    
April 7, 2017 by Doug – MindDrippings Podcast from United States
This show fills a void in the entrepreneurial space which often focuses on the youth. Great show with engaging interviews. I look forward to more.
Informative and Inspiring!    
March 31, 2017 by Tim Laskis from United States
Unique and uplifting comes to mind. Elaine is a wonderful host that interviews great guests who offer valuable tips and information. Looking forward to more shows!
Spoke to me!    
March 24, 2017 by Laura @ Leash Up Pidcast from United States
As a “maturepreneurial” I could relate to each and every podcast episode! Everything is better after 50 lol and Elaine really hits that in her guests. Totally loved this podcast!! Don’t stop!!
Add this one to your list…    
March 24, 2017 by Brandon Gaille from United States
From the business lover to the business owner with a strong sense to succeed, this is the perfect podcast for you. I enjoyed Episode 15 offering an extreme value with the importance of good relationships.
Never too late!    
March 24, 2017 by MarcSmith111 from United States
Love this idea for a podcast! More and more people are leaving many years in the corporate world and launching out as entrpreneurs. Elaine delivers great guests to tell their stories and give great advice!
Great Niche    
March 17, 2017 by TAMinihan from United States
You never can stop learning. A great idea for a podcast and easy to listen to regardless of age. Everyday is a gift and it’s never to late to succeed! 2 thumbs up!
Wonderful podcast    
March 16, 2017 by Georgian B from Romania
I love the fact that Elaine instills hope and courage to a group of entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs that people often forget about. We need the wisdom of older entrepreneurs!
Love the Objective    
March 10, 2017 by WOWWcampaign from United States
Great job of reaching a niche audience! It’s captivating and inspiring for creatives of all ages, but love that you’re targeting a specific demographic. Also, the interviews are done with ease because it seems like you’re a natural, Elaine.
Fascinating Info    
March 3, 2017 by Bdr516 from United States
I love the topic of this podcast as I love hearing from Maturepreneurs who have so much insight to offer from 40+ years on mother Earth. Seamless interviews, stellar questions, and successful themes!
love your show!!    
March 3, 2017 by Margo Lovett from United States
Elaine, I really enjoyed my time listening. Really good sound quality. Episode 19 is the last show that I listened to! Not take on clients – that is how I am building – I am simply interviewing, building my platform.
Amazing and SO important!    
February 25, 2017 by smartssssss from United States
Thank you for sharing this, as it is completely inspiring to me!! Amazing and so important!!
Excellent Quality    
February 24, 2017 by Athena Rosette from United States
I really enjoyed both the quality of production and the value that this podcast has to offer. I’m inspired to hear that successful entrepreneurs are also REAL people just like me with real fears, problems, and downfalls. I love being inspired by this.
Great Show for Seniors Concerned About Retirement!    
February 24, 2017 by RockinRealEstateRebel from United States
It’s never too late to create the business you’ve always dreamed of where YOU are the boss! This show offers hope and encouragement for those in their golden years who want to grow and prosper. Elaine does a great job with great questions and inspirational comments. I love this show!
Amazing Show!    
February 17, 2017 by naciriy2 from United States
Elaine you got me hooked right away! My wife and I love your interview with Lisa!
Such great energy!    
February 7, 2017 by Donna Barker from Canada
I thought I’d check this podcast out and have it playing in the background while I worked on other things… wrong! It’s so engaging I stopped what I was doing, grabbed a cup of tea and just enjoyed the conversation.
Great for any age    
February 3, 2017 by mlwoodward from United States
I know that this says ‘maturepreneurial’, but as a younger entreneur I love that I can learn from those who are further down the road. Great show, thoughtful host!
February 3, 2017 by Markeith Braden from United States
Excellent podcast & content. Keep up the good work Elaine.
Much needed inspiration    
January 27, 2017 by Courageous1 from United States
I have been trying to help my mom start her business … This is going to be great help. Thanks very much Elaine for picking up this very important topic and making it a reality.
Its never too late!    
January 27, 2017 by Yuri Cataldo from United States
Elaine brings in great guests with wonderful insights. This is a must listen for anyone looking to start a business at any age.
Reassuring and inspiring!    
January 27, 2017 by Wellpaced Dave from United Kingdom
As a first time marathon runner at 45 who now has a business coaching many older runners I find this show ticks all my boxes. The interviews are always interesting and the commitment and resilience people have to succeed comes over well.
Great stories, great show    
January 20, 2017 by Radiochuppa from Australia
I love hearing people’s story of where it all began and Elaine delivers that with great guests.
Love the concept and the execution    
January 14, 2017 by djdecrypt from United States
Elaine has collected a great selection of guests from various fields, and she delivers insightful planned and impromptu questions throughout the interviews. I got a ton of value out of the episodes I’ve listened to so far, and I’m excited to hear more great conversations and wisdom from future Maturepreneurial interviews!
Very inspiring!    
January 13, 2017 by Cleaning coach from United States
Love learning how others created their businesses and how they became business owners.
Gave Me Goosebumps in a Good Way!    
January 13, 2017 by B. Keenan Johnston from United States
A very relaxing platform for introducing some of us “old dogs” to “new tricks.” It’s easy to feel like you are behind when entering the entrepreneurial field in your forties but not when you are listening to this show! I hope to succeed myself and one day be a guest on this great show. Keep it up, Elaine! Very encouraging.
What a wonderful alternative    
December 30, 2016 by Jnassiri from United States
I listen to a lot of podcasts about entrepreneurship. I found Elaine’s show to be such a refreshing alternative. Rather than the typical interview of younger startups hitting it big, she focuses on older entrepreneurs and a message that it is never too late. I find this approach to be a nice complement to everything else out there and is very uplifting and encouraging (whereas at times with others I feel they can – at times – be stifling and competitive). Great show!!!
Great Content 🙂    
December 30, 2016 by James | Off the Beatin’ Path from United States
Elaine has a terrific presence behind the mic and knows how to deliver focused, action-oreiented content. The artwork and post-production are top notch. Well done!
December 21, 2016 by Gina Kane from Canada
What a great podcast to inspire and motivate the mature entrepreneur to take action. I love the philosophy, it’s never to late and there are some encouraging guests sharing stories at all stages along the journey.
Great show!    
December 16, 2016 by dmosch from United States
There is a ton of golden nuggets in these shows. Great job!
Encouraging & Motivational Resource    
December 11, 2016 by Paul D Johnson from United States
Being in my 5th career now at 70 and this year launched The God Zone Show podcast, speaking and coaching work, Maturuepreneurial brings an encouraginig and motivational virtual resource and community.
Right up my alley!    
December 9, 2016 by AlanB-Tractor Guy from United States
At 52 years old, I love hearing the stories of those a little more seasoned. Just listened to Christy Haussler and I love her story! Looking forward to more. Such a great concept!
Fabulous show!!    
December 8, 2016 by Nicole Holland @ from Canada
I love that Elaine shares inspiring stories and tips from entrepreneurs starting out in business later in life. I especially enjoyed learning more about my friend Bruce Langford’s personal story in episode #10. Thank you for serving such a fabulous emerging group of entrepreneurs in such a fabulous way!
Great Show!    
December 2, 2016 by Brian Hosan from United States
Love learning from other entrepreneurs! This show brings on great guests and provides great advice!
Don’t hold back!    
December 2, 2016 by Gretchen Schultek from United States
This podcast is going to encourage a lot of folks to step out of their comfort zone and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams they’ve been putting off for years!
Great wisdom can be learned from this!    
November 21, 2016 by MatthewOsborn from United States
Older entrepreneurs have so much wisdom to offer. This is a great show for young aspiring entrepreneurs to listen to. I learned a lot in just one episode. Very true that there is a lesson hidden in everyones story!
It is never too late to succeed.    
November 19, 2016 by Jtower88 from United States
Amazing message. Amazing show. I’m subscribed.
Holistic and Inspirational!    
November 19, 2016 by Fit 2 Love JJ from United States
I like the diversity to the topics on your show and your very easy, kind conversational style. Great show Elaine!
Love the angle on being an entrepreneur    
November 18, 2016 by Ian am I from United States
Love the seasoned take on entrepreneurship. The guests bring so much wisdom to bear (about business and, especially, life!) with their handful of extra years one this planet 🙂
does not matter your age anyone can be great at any age    
November 18, 2016 by imupat3am from United States
MaturePreneuria is a great listen I wish my folks spoke or understud english so they could listen and get inspired by the host and the guest on this podcast.I just listened to epiosde o great work Elaine keep up the great work
MaturePreneurs and Other Late Bloomers    
November 15, 2016 by Gryffie Valaincort from United States
Great podcast with engaging, relevant content from a delightful and helpful host. I love listening to the stories of how these professionals started their own businesses and persevered to become successful. If they can do it, so can we!
Very cool show and lots of awesome guests!    
November 11, 2016 by Therykerdane from United States
This show is great and has great guests with so much knowledge in their field. Lots of awesome content that can help any entrepreneur.
November 11, 2016 by Justin D Williams from United States
Elaine is a totaly gem and totally worth listening to! Loving this show!
November 6, 2016 by cheesemanco from United States
I love her open minded drive to achieve what she dreams to do. Great attitude, very inspiring
Wonderful Show    
November 6, 2016 by colinpthomson from United States
This podcast was reallly interesting. Love listening. If you’re interested in lessons to learn about the successful entrepreneurial stories, you’ll love this!
Never too late to start (up)    
November 4, 2016 by Peg writer from United Kingdom
Great idea well done. You don’t have to be a millenial to start a succesful business. These stories are super testament to the value of experience and maturity. Great job.
Inspiring & Educational    
November 4, 2016 by Amy Schuber from United States
I believe we can learn from everyone and I love the mature approach. Such wisdom in these interviews! Thank you Elaine
Fabulously Fresh for the Maturepreneurs!    
November 4, 2016 by Devyn18 from United States
Great topics, interviews are clean and Elaine has a natural way of talking with her guests!
What an incredible podcast!!!!    
November 4, 2016 by Holliewood123 from United States
As a new mom, I’m so inspired by this show! I loved hearing your guest Phil and how he and his sons grew their business! It shows we can do anything if we have the drive to get it done! Keep it up!!!!!
age is just a number    
November 2, 2016 by jinki1 from United States
shows like this prove that it doesn’t matter how old you are when you start a business. great stuff
Wonderful stories    
October 29, 2016 by Lisa Vogt from United States
Elaine does a great job sharing stories of people who have taken unique career paths. Each of her guests have learned to blend their work and personal lives and are inspiring to people of all ages. Encore!
Helpful topic    
October 29, 2016 by auroraremember from United States
Great show for those starting out on their entrepreneurial journey later in life! I especially enjoyed the most recent episode discussion on imposter syndrome, which I think we all enocunter no matter what our age.
Vandy Gadia Sharma    
October 28, 2016 by VandyGS from Canada
Great podcast. Guests on your show are sahring a wealth of informaion that any entrepreneur can benefit from ,
001: Johannah Barton- Confetti Designs    
October 23, 2016 by Cecil McIntosh from Canada
If you are looking to start a successful business and you are a mature woman who want to become or start a successful entrepreneur then this is the show for you. Cecil McIntosh.
love the stories    
October 22, 2016 by Sheena Yap Chan from Canada
love the stories you share on the podcast. it helps us realise we are all on the same path. thank you!
Real knowledge from real business owners    
October 21, 2016 by Peter Philip Bailey from United Kingdom
This podcast is not vague at all like some out there. Elaine really pulls out some real value from her guests and as a business owner it’s good to hear what others have to say and get great tips and advice. Very good!
Real Stories!    
October 21, 2016 by BWith1 from United States
Hearing others stories and successes is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!
Love the motivation    
October 21, 2016 by JeremyTheVeteranArtist from United States
Elaine has some great guests and really brings the entrepreneurial motivation with this podcast. Awesome start for this new podcast.
Great show!    
October 17, 2016 by Can’t get enough!!! Thank you! from United States
Love the focus of this podcast. There’s so much depth and wisdom to glean. This is encouraging for all walks of life.
This entrepreneur loves this show!    
October 15, 2016 by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States
I’m an entrepreneur who made the leap to the scary side 15 years ago and boy do I wish I’d had this podcast to listen to back then to help me through the hardest part – deciding whether to do it or not. (Heck, I wish we’d had podcasts 15 years ago.) Don’t be afraid, although that’s a normal emotion – subscribe, listen and welcome to the club!
Great Podcast!    
October 14, 2016 by octavehigher from United States
Great Podcast!
Great new show!    
October 14, 2016 by ItsMeRD from United States
Cant wait for more of this!
Fantastic Niche!    
October 14, 2016 by AlfHerigstad from United States
As an over 40 person it’s great to see a force of encouragement in the world for all the folks who have crossed the 40 threshold! Great job, keep up the great work!! ~Alf Herigstad
Great Advice and Perspective    
October 14, 2016 by Gillianrose from United States
I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur and I love this show… I think that people who are where we want to be and who are further along than us are the greatest untapped resource for young entrepreneurs. This podcast is great for me especially because it gives me a ton of perspective when I start to get impatient about how far I am in my own journey.
Very cool niche    
October 14, 2016 by Kristy Arnett from United States
As an aspiring entreprenuer at 31, I love listening to people who have had success (and failures) already. Interviews with people 40 or older perfect because I know that I’m going to hear someone with experience. Thanks Elaine!
Thought Provoking!    
October 14, 2016 by JuneH78 from United States
I love what Elaine’s doing and showing ANYONE at ANY AGE can be a successful Entrepreneur! Thank you!
Interview with Jon Butt: Serial Entrepreneur    
October 9, 2016 by Don Hutcheson from United States
I just had the pleasure of listening to Elaine’s recent interview with a serial entrepreneur from the UK: Jon Butt. Elaine does a fine job with each interview—let’s them take center stage to share their experiences, insights and proven strategies. Well done, and wish you continuing success!
great show. thanks    
October 8, 2016 by davidihill from United States
passing this along to my mother – thanks
Great content & interviews!    
October 7, 2016 by Speaking@krc from United States
Elaine is an excellent interviewer- someone you’d want to get lunch with. I love the thoughtful interviews in this show (loved Nicky Roche’s) and the content being provided… Stuff like this isnt free anywhere else so entrepreneurs sit up and pay attention! 10/10 highly recommend!
Great podcast    
October 7, 2016 by @haroldrhee from United States
Wonderful show and Elaine is a terrific interviewer. Excellent guests with amazing business and life lessons.
Loving this show!    
October 7, 2016 by BestEverShow from United States
Great entrepreneurial show! I recommend those getting into new adventures and those wanting to know what to expect when venturing into being an entrepreneur to listen to Elaine’s show! -Joe
October 7, 2016 by Sk508 from United States
Elaine is interviewing the more mature adults about their entrepreneur journey. It is nice to listen to people my age who are talking about their beliefs, skills, and processes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Easy Access – Entrepreneur    
October 2, 2016 by Sweeneymcman from United States
Elaine is is in my lane – she grasps all of the gifts maturity brings while helping whet the appetite for new ideas. Looking forward to future guests and Elaine’s point of view.
Wonderful Host    
September 30, 2016 by Ashley Taylor Yannello from United States
Elaine has an incredible show here! She definitely offers a lot of inspiration and lets you know that no matter where you are on your journey to success that you can do it. Wonderful start and look forward to more episodes!
Very interesting!    
September 30, 2016 by morgan.robinson from United States
We often hear from very young business owners but it is very nice to hear from more mature business starters. I love to hear about their lives and it’s fun to get the wisdom of their long span of experiences. I truly appreciated how Nicky in episode 002 talked about focus and staying away from shiny object syndrome. Also, taking action! Focus, consistent, and doing something to move the biz forward.
Talk about a niche!    
September 30, 2016 by Khaled Ghorab from United States
Wow! This is a great idea for a niche!! Great job and enjoying listening to episode 2 as I type this!
September 28, 2016 by KatyGCosCob from United States
There are so many of us out here starting our own businesses and leaning on other’s experience is huge! Especially those not far from where we are (first few years). Thank you for sharing this from an over-40 women’s perspective!
Looking forward to more!…    
September 25, 2016 by Aditya of My Seven Chakras from Canada
I love the angle that Elaine is taking with this podcast. A great way to tap into the wisdom, intuition and insight that comes with age… I look foward to the new topics that she’s going to cover in the future!
Great show! Keep it up.    
September 24, 2016 by Nuzzi1 from Australia
I really enjoy this podcast and look forward to hearing much more. Keep up the great work!!!
Looking forward to more    
September 23, 2016 by David Westerman from United States
As an entrepreneur it’s so important to understand what to expect. Great stuff!
September 23, 2016 by Henry Lopez @ How of Business from United States
Congratulations on your new launch! Great focus for an entrepreneur show. Please keep this show going!
Awesome Launch!    
September 23, 2016 by Louis Di Bianco from Canada
Eline’s podcast is off to a stellar beginning with a rich interview. Her guest is a woman who created entrepreneurial success; she shares her journey in a sereis of steps that helped her establish her brand. Anyone who wants to build a successful business needs to hear this.
Wonderful Job Alternative for Seniors    
September 23, 2016 by RockinRealEstateRebel from United States
As an “old dawg” (61 years of age) launching a new business later in life, I totally appreciate this fantastic new podcast geared to people like me. I like Elaine’s professional and entertaining approach. She asks all the right questions and draws the listener into the guests story. A MUST listen for more mature new entrepreneurs!
This Will Be a Good One    
September 23, 2016 by TADAMS4U from United States
I just started listening to this one and I feel Elaine is going to be tapping into folks like me that are starting up some new fun adventures in our second half. She has an ease about her as an interviewer and I can’t wait to see how the show unfolds. Tammy
Good concept for a show!    
September 23, 2016 by Pam Moore SocialZoomFactor from United States
Like what you are doing w/ this show. Keep up the great work! Congrats on your launch!

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