Below are pithy tidbits of wisdom from my podcast guests; their inspired and inspiring insights into the work and the rewards of starting a business after 40.

Maturepreneuria – Tidbits of wisdom from my guests

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Idella Maeland


“I don’t think it’s ever been: you start with your why. I think you start with your who; who am I?”
Don Hutcheson | Discover Your Talent Podcast

“What we have discovered is that to really be successful these days, you also need to have products, not just services.”
Vivien Hoexter | H2Growth Strategies LLC

“I learned the difference between looking at my business through my eyes and looking at my business through my client’s eyes.”
Nina Manolson | Nina Manolson dot com

“People are willing to pay for what they consider to be of value.”
Maggie Green | The Green Apron Company

“You can’t believe how eager people are to learn, so that they understand how it is that we make a profit.”
Robert Thomas Bethel | Strengthen Your Business

“Don’t quit! And do things even when you think nothing is happening.”
Lorraine C. Ladish | Viva Fifty!

“You need to learn to recognize the fear that’s real from the fear that’s just trying to keep you from doing something new.”
Elaine Bennett | Bennett Ink

“And because of my age – maturity – I have years and years of experience to say, ‘I know what works!’ I know that if you have that vision and the drive and the time, you’re going to be successful at what you do.”
Jane Pollak | Jane Pollak dot com

“The absolute essence of your success is pushing through those upper limit challenges.”
Aaron Walker | View from the Top

“It’s really hard to do something on your own. It’s incredibly hard and it takes a lot of work.”
Scarlett De Bease | Scarlett Image

“If you are doing a great job serving people, the money will take care of itself.”
Dr. Phil Carson | Carson Natural

“I guess what surprised me is that it’s been successful. It’s a happy surprise. It makes me really proud that I have been able to do it and earn a living and support myself at this point. It’s a big deal.”
Liz LaForte | LaForte Consulting

“And if you’re afraid, do a little bit at a time. You can do it part time. You can do it on the weekend. You can do it one day a week. Just get started.”
Ruth Ullmann | My Elder Care Journey dot com

“I just want to inspire women to be the very best that they can be.”
Suzi Grant | Alternative Ageing

“And I am saying to everyone out there, ‘If you do something that makes you feel relevant, you will feel beautiful.’ I don’t think that’s trite. I think that’s a fact.”
Honey Good | Honey Good dot com

“Every entrepreneurial venture that’s successful solves a significant problem.”
Jim Akers | Your Impact Coach

‘Market before you manufacture.’ Brilliant, scary, scary concept.”
Joel Kessel | Kessel Communications

“If you want to be an entrepreneur, it ought to be about creating excitement 24 hours a day or creating a job you would never want to retire from.”
Gay Hendricks |

“Lightning does occasionally strike, but more often than not you have to plod along, refine and fix, and keep at it. And that’s where the fun is.”
Martin Pazzani | Act!vate Brain & Body, Inc.

“The biggest sign that it’s a natural skill to you? The results come with ease.”
Milana Leshinsky | Simplicity Circle

“Listen to people’s advice. But at the end of the day, trust your gut.”
Jean Haynes | Jean Haynes Consulting, LLC

“You shouldn’t do this alone. This walk into entrepreneurship should never be done alone.”
Cardiff D. Hall | Cardiff D

“Stop being productive and do what matters!”
Teresa McCloy | Teresa McCloy Coaching

“My youngest model is in her 40s. Most of them are 50s and 60s. People can look at them and they can relate to them. And that’s what it’s all about.”
Pauline Durban | Covered Perfectly

“Success in business is not a straight path. In fact, success in business is often unpredictable in most ways.”
Nitin Chhoda | Total Activation

“Change your mind when you want to. I think changing your mind is one of the best gifts that we have.”
Beca Lewis | The Shift Experience

“I never let a lack of expertise stop me from doing anything.”
Mel Kobayashi | Bag and a Beret

“It’s great to think big, but just start. Start somewhere.”
Tony Loyd | Culture Shift Companies

“I’ve also learned that when I write a goal down, when I “vision” something, I’ve learned over and over that it happens. And so I have full faith in what I do and I let the other people keep talking.”
Raj Daniels | RajDaniels dot com

“Now we find that you’re going to have to be learning continuously all through any career, all through any chapters of your life, and that’s what makes it exciting.”
Dr. Ann Gatty | Strategic People Solutions

“Growing older, I wasn’t really at ease with somebody else determining my happiness and my livelihood.”
Soren Skovdahl Hansen | Tribe of Entrepreneurs

“Stop pitching and start teaching. When you pitch, people run. When you teach, people come.”
Adam Urbanski | The Marketing Mentors

“You can always find other people to do technology and technology never built a company. It’s the strategy behind it that’s the most important.”
Tom Schwab | Interview Valet

“I come from the place of having finally pushed past those blocks in the couple of years before I turned 50. So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m working with women ‘of a certain age’ I say. … women who self-identify as being in that place where they’re just tired of being too afraid to share their stories.”
Donna Barker | Write, Woman, Write

“It was a successful business for a number of years. I ran it for 15 years full time. And then things changed as the world does in the economic situation and I needed to change myself. That’s why I went on to doing different work and back into study as well.”
Mary Lunnen | Dare to Blossom

“But that’s not what I’m selling and that’s not what my service is. So I think the message here is you have to know who your customer is, and you have to target-market to that customer or else you’ll just be wasting a lot of time and energy.”
Joseph Aquino | JAACRES (Joseph A. Aquino Commercial Real Estate Services)

“What I learned was: be very careful who I listen to. And just because something works for somebody else does not mean it’s going to work for me. Listen to myself more. I know as much about what’s going to work for me as anybody else does.”
Maggie Huffman | Talk to Maggie

“What struck me about these children was: they had nothing materialistically but whatever they had, they were all too eager to share with you; whether that was an orange, or a tortilla, or cookies or crackers. That drew me in.”
Margaret Blood | Mil Milagros (1,000 Miracles)

“I think the most successful thing I did was, actually, to start it; to pull it together, to learn how to use WordPress, to design the site, and to hit Publish.”
Lise Metzger | Lise Metzger Photography | Grounded Women Project

“Each of us have a unique story and it’s for us to step forward with that story.”
Paul Johnson | God Zone Show

“The big advantage that you have past 40 is, you know yourself a lot better and you know life a lot better. You have more balance and more nuance to understand things.”
Calvin Correli | The Calvin Show

“Do a little work around, what I call, your negative blueprint. Those are the thoughts and beliefs that people may have told you about careers in business.”
Dr. Joe Tatta | Dr. Joe Tatta dot com

“They said, ‘You’re giving us a new paradigm for aging. And we love it! You can be rebellious. You can be cool. You can do whatever you want. You can change your life and that is a much more satisfying conception of being older for us. So thank you!'”
Lyn Slater | The Accidental Icon

“I’ve learned that there are ten things I can do that will give me about 90 percent of my results and those ten things will never change. It took me a long time to figure out what that is.”
Bill Belew | Bill Belew dot com

“After I left, I set up a space in the study of my house to get started and I just remember how much better I felt. I suddenly didn’t have that income, but boy, did my mental health improve.”
Douglas Burdett | Artillery, LLC

“It took me about two years for me to find the right clients that created the synergy for my business to move forward.”
David Mancuso | Mancuso Communication Strategies

“It’s not about positive thinking. You can think positive all day long and somebody’s going to come and get your couch if it’s not paid for.”
Mickie Zada | The Second 53 Years

“I started my podcast Ever Better with the idea that I would put positive messages out and try to be a motivating force and a positive force in the world.”
Lisa Vogt | Ever Better U

“I’m actually having the time of my life trying to show my product. I’ve been to about four pitch contests and I won them all!”
Connie Inukai | Tip ‘n Split®

“The best advice I got was once I got quiet and tuned into that inner voice, and tuned into “Who am I?” and “What am I really here for?” and trusted my own gut and inner guidance.”
Nicole Holland | Business Building Rockstars | Interviews That Convert

“The last place you want your spouse or your significant other is on the other side of your dream.”
Joel Boggess | Relaunch Show

“I think we sometimes have to get out of our own way and say, ‘If I was 20, would I try this?’ And if the answer is ‘yes’, go for it!”
Dinesh Kandanchatha | Dinesh K dot co

“We have to stop and say, ‘You know what? Isn’t it great that I have this opportunity, that I get to do this?’ Stopping for a moment and appreciating that is important.”
Henry Lopez | Levante Business Group

“Because there are more people starting businesses, the difficulty is that there is more noise to break through in the beginning, meaning probably the first 24 to 36 months. So you’ve got to be able to persevere through those times.”
Jason Treu | Jason Treu dot com

“You can’t lead a positive life when you surround yourself with negative thoughts.”
Michaela Jedinak | The Joy of Clothes | Michaela Jedinak dot com

“We are just as capable of learning this stuff as a 16 year old, so we should. It’s hard at first but it gets easier and more fun the more you learn.”
Alf Herigstad | Being a Better Man

“What we’re doing today may not look like what we’re doing next year or the following year, but as long as we’re believing in ourselves and truly following our passion and our bliss, I think we’re happier individuals.”
Darieth Chisolm | Darieth Chisolm dot com

“That decision not to pull people away from the Facebook groups but be valuable within those Facebook groups has allowed me to expand my network in a way I never thought and gain respect that I never even knew was possible.”
Christy Haussler | Team Podcast

“And I started to realize, wow, this is really about living in the moment. And if you can teach children what that even means, not to be so stressed out about the past, not to be so stressed out about the future, then bullying will, just kind of, disappear.”
Bruce Langford | Mindfulness Mode

“In a lot of cases, the entrepreneur or the owner has a vision, but he really hasn’t communicated it well across the organization. So it’s clear in his mind, but it’s not clear in everybody else’s mind. Well, if it’s not clear where you’re going across the board, how are you going to get there and how are you going to know when you get there?”
Chuck Gumbert | Chuck Gumbert dot com

“You have to be sure that you can talk about what it is that you do clearly, and why it matters, in a really brief and pointed way. I think that’s the number one thing that people should do when they’re starting out.”
Kevin Craine | Craine Communications Group

“You have to treat people well. You have to work hard. You have to make money. It’s not embarrassment to be in a job and make money. And I think a lot of people have a problem with that; that you’re making a profit. And they think profit is terrible. There’s nothing wrong with a profit.”
Philip Houser | Houser Nelson Realty

“You do have what you need. You do have the experience. You do have the drive that you need. You’ve just got to stop listening to that voice… and start moving and doing what you want to do.”
Tony Woodall | Goal Getting Podcast

“The one thing that is most dear to you is to keep your commitments. Your commitments should be something really you hold as almost sacred in your hand. When you say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that,’ to somebody, you hold onto that.”
Bob Nolley | Labrador Leadership

“The whole premise behind the [40+ Fitness] podcast is that, basically, we have to train a little bit differently and be a lot smarter about what we do and how we eat and how we treat our bodies as we age. And if we don’t, then bad things are going to happen. They just are. Our bodies will decline if we don’t take care of them.”
Allan Misner | 40+ Fitness

“Don’t believe the hype. When you’re looking at starting something, a lot of people will give you advice. But, if you’re going to take advice from people, only take advice from people who’ve done it, not from people who can tell you how. Check their background. And if sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
Jon Butt | Marketing for Owners

“We don’t launch a global, corporate company when we launch our own business. We actually launch our own dream. And we launch it small. And it grows and it builds. And as it grows and it builds, so do we. And if we don’t have the knowledge that we need to get it to the next step, we fill that knowledge gap as and when we need it.”
Nicky Roche | Small Business Drivers (Company Facebook page)

”95% of all household purchasing decisions are made by women. So really, I wasn’t just wanting to target women as a customer; I wanted to target anybody that wanted to sell more to women.”
Johannah Barton | Confetti Design