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Grande Dame | Maturepreneurial Women Influencers

This post celebrates the Grande Dame, “a woman of influential position within a particular sphere.” Three Maturepreneurial episodes feature a Grande Dame: Lyn Slater, Susan “Honey” Good, and Suzi Grant; all mature women, all strong role models, all leaders online.

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Postcron Review: Buyer Beware

Postcron Review: Learn from my mistake and do not make a purchase without first knowing your vendor’s refund policy, even if that means you have to make a special search for it.

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Because Why

Why we do what we do is worth examining and clarifying because it has so much impact on how we do it and how we persevere when we encounter challenges.

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Celebrate Small Things

The long haul will feel shorter and more enjoyable if we take time to celebrate the small things we achieve along the road to fulfilling big dreams.

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