Our first official, but second chronological, post in which Christopher introduces the Maturepreneurial blog and ruminates on managing the admittedly self-imposed pressure to get things done.

Monkey sitting and thinking

The better part of our natures. We love monkeys.

Elizaveta Korabelnikova

Dear Reader, I’m Christopher. In future, I won’t make that distinction. You can see it in the byline anyway. But I thought I should observe the formality here and now, since this is my first and official introduction to the world as one of the voices of Maturepreneurial. Elaine had the idea for the business, did all the research, and put all of the structures in place to create the business, including the nuts and bolts of this website, of which I am very proud. I only had to provide various kinds of support, but primarily administrative and editorial support. I do the same for the Dishes Delish food blog, but I haven’t come out there publicly yet either. Elaine has encouraged me to put my picture and bio on both sites, but I’ve been slow to execute.

Or fast to execute. It’s harder to tell as I get older, or perhaps I should say, as I live longer, whether I’m behind or ahead, since there is so much opportunity for spending my discretionary time and energy. Add to that abundance the limitations of a full-time job and then all of the other activities that are such a necessary part of living but feel, mentally at least, like bolt-ons to my “real life” – the main event, the inner thread that I track in gold and consider the expression and purpose my most genuine self – and circumstances become ripe for disorientation.

I suppose it’s really a case of glass half full or half empty, depending upon my view of my goals at the particular moment I’m taking measure of my progress, that determines whether I truly am behind or ahead. In any case, this is all my long-winded way (get used to it) of saying, that I haven’t done that yet. And in case you forgot my referent, which was some 175-178 words ago, depending upon whether you consider hyphenated words singles or doubles, I’m talking about not having put up on either of our websites – dishesdelish.com or maturpreneurial.com – my picture and bio. Hence this formal introduction.

I will get to the picture and bio in due course. I promise (me). In the meantime, I remind myself that it’s only Elaine and me right now, that we’re getting so much done on a daily basis for both websites, and that I have to be realistic about how much I can accomplish and, more essentially to my feeling behind, how quickly I can accomplish it. I used to measure effective execution of my goals in minutes. (Minutes! Ponder that insanity for a moment!) Then I came to measure it in hours. And then days, which are still the outside limit to how long I’ll take to reply to emails, for example, without feeling like a lazy, anti-social slacker.

It took me years – literally until I was in my 40s – to begin to permit and/or admit the measurement of some forms of execution in weeks. That was a stretch I never thought I would exceed. Now, at 57, I’ve recently shocked myself by actually recognizing, contemplating, determining – in case it’s not clear, I’m not sure which word best suits – a lead time until goal completion of years. Yes, I used the word years. As in one or two, mind you. But still. Years. Having come this far, I can now imagine accommodating – nay anticipating – a duration of decades to complete some tasks or achieve some goals. This should qualify me to pass for the accomplishment of at least some level of maturity, shouldn’t it?

To the extent that it does, I guess I truly have become a maturepreneur.

So, I set my goals internally and somewhat informally; i.e., without hard deadlines but more an intuitive sense of an acceptable length of time until completion, and then I do as much as I can to advance them. I do this in the context of fulfilling my other obligations, including my obligations to myself: taking care of my body with proper eating, exercise and rest, pursuing and nurturing my passion for music, and finding some time to relax and enjoy myself. It ain’t easy to do all that!! It’s even harder to do all that and feel like I’m getting ahead.

But, the truth is, I am getting ahead. I’m farther along than I was yesterday, certainly than I was a week ago, and I urge myself to have the faith to believe that I’m getting where I want to go. In fact, based on my own personal history, it’s a lot easier for me to believe that I’m going to get to where I want to go than that I will enjoy the journey that brings me there. And because that’s the case, I’m trying to be more vigilant about taking my time than about staying engaged in fulfilling my objectives.

Guy with feet on wall on beach

What “taking one’s time” might look like.

Elena Saharova

Welcome to our blog. Here we plan to post leanings (our opinions and/or commentary), gleanings (what we’ve learned or would like to distill for our readership from what others have said, sometimes literally, in the case of our podcast guests) and ruminations (which would be, well, like this post, for example).

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