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I’ve exhibited entrepreneurial tendencies since I was a little girl. My first memory of selling is when I was four years old, walked to a neighbor’s house on our block, picked some of her flowers, rang her front doorbell, and asked her if she’d like to buy them! Mind you, I did offer her a discount. They were only $.05 apiece.

Later in life, I dabbled in other endeavors and businesses, including a private massage practice and an online store. I’ve become more serious in recent years and, after doing some research, discovered a world of opportunity online. Of course, I’ve known since the 90s that peeps were blogging and I’ve joined and benefitted from plenty of online communities. But I didn’t know you could actually make a living online. That’s when I determined to start my food blog, Dishes Delish, to share my love of cooking and my talent for writing. Or, my talent for cooking and my love of writing. One of those. I’m thrilled to report that Dishes Delish recently celebrated its two-year anniversary.

So, what next?

After more research and some soul-searching, I decided I wanted to help people like me and my husband – ahem, mature people – start successful businesses of their own. I’ve always been unconventional, self-determining, and quietly rebellious so I see a need not only to provide people who follow their own path some support, but to provide them with tools to be financially independent. There is so much opportunity today for people who can determine and follow their own course, on their own terms.

Voila! Maturepreneurial is born.

My goal is to support maturepreneurs with a podcast featuring stories from successful entrepreneurs who started their current business after they turned 40. I want to show not only that it’s possible to be successful, but how.

I have a few other tricks up my sleeve and ambitions for a couple of other online businesses. Those ideas are under wraps, carefully percolating in the background of my ingenious and mischievous mind! So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me in this journey, start a business of your own, and share some of what you’ve learned or what you want to learn with me and the Maturepreneurial community.

Check out my NEW PODCAST for food bloggers and foodies worldwide!

I’m so excited it’s finally here after a year in development!

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My first entrepreneurial endeavor online!



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