Jonathan Bates, founder and CEO of Executive Operation Designs, provides the tools, motivation, and accountability that afford business owners the opportunity for clarity, sleep, health, and ultimately, happy families.

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Jonathan Bates has spent the last 21 years mastering entrepreneurship and systematizing processes. He has served military heroes and continues to serve by bringing his expertise to the backbone of America; his hometown heroes, the small business owner. Jonathan is an expert at diffusing business bombs; bringing owners new levels of success and more importantly, profitability. Nothing is more satisfying than providing the tools, motivation, and accountability that afford business owners the opportunity for clarity, sleep, health, a happy family, all adding up to living a life of significance.

Jonathan is married to his best friend and has four awesome kids. Three days after he was married, he deployed for 13 months. For the rest of his Navy career, he traveled for no less than 180 days per year and averaged over 280 days a year away from his family. Putting his work first afforded him a great military career and experience all over the world, but limited his family time. Sleepless nights, multiple surgeries, concern for his growing family, and arguments with his wife are why he empathizes with the overworked small business owner. Now that Jonathan is back in the states and able to spend time with his family, he has focused his efforts on helping small business owners grow both in business and, more importantly, with their families.

As an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer (Bomb Squad) for the United States Navy, he worked his way through the ranks. First, he learned to utilize systems and execute processes as a junior enlisted sailor. He quickly rose through the ranks and mastered the identification of needs and creation of new ways to handle unique situations that demanded reliable outcomes. After 17 years of successful program development and deployments to remote and less-than-desirable locations, he was eventually commissioned as a Naval Limited Duty Officer. His technical expertise, leadership skills, and ability to get the job done right made him an excellent candidate for this leadership position.

The Navy Bomb Squad is the entrepreneurial segment of the military. Jonathan was able to sell his systems and processes to anyone, in any situation, and deliver the desired outcome every time. The secret is the ability to provide choices. To complete any mission, decision makers need the critical ability to produce reliable results. Whether the mission is to disarm an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED), onboard a client for a law firm, bake a cake for a restaurant, recover a lost body underwater, or make the next sale for your company, the results need to be repeatable by anyone on the team.

Jonathan teaches that when a business is systematized, the business owner has choices that include the following:

  1. Expand the current business – take advantage of created efficiencies to produce/sell more
  2. Franchise – sell the right to use your systems and processes
  3. Sell – when the owner is not the business, the repeatable results are valuable
  4. Buy bolt-on businesses – exponentially increase the value of a business with established systems to consolidate the businesses, take advantage of new efficiencies, and create a larger customer base, increasing profit immediately
  5. Pass the business to their family

Who doesn’t like choices?

Let’s systematize!

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What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
Do you still do it?
What is the most dangerous thing that you’ve done?
Have you had any close calls?
What did you go to school for?
Did you go full time or part time?
What are you doing now?
When you found Scott Beebe and the mastermind group, did you already have it written out or did he help you with that?
Do you have any plans on retiring from the military and doing what you are doing full time?
Once you started your business, what was one of the most successful ideas you implemented for it?
What was your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
What did you do to fix it?
Was it a big learning experience for you, did you come out of it with a lesson?
Is there anything that you did that catapulted you to the next level in your business?
Is there anything you wish you had known before you started your entrepreneurial venture?
When you started your venture, did you come up against any resistance from family and friends and what did you do to overcome it?
How did you come upon that learning, where do you think you got that from?
What do you see is the biggest problem in the entrepreneurial space at the moment?
What is the most surprising thing you’ve discovered once you started your endeavor?

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