Sharon Sultan Cutler loves filling niches in business-to-consumer services! Her core mission has always been to connect consumers – particularly baby boomers and seniors – with valuable information, resources, products and services appropriate for their various life stages and ages.

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Sharon Sultan Cutler has been founding and running businesses for over 30 years.

While parenting, Sharon started down a new career path when she launched a nanny agency, based in Long-Island, New York. (This also provided her with excellent nannies for her two active sons!) She was featured in a five-page Newsday article for traveling around the USA and hosting Nanny Job Fairs to personally meet qualified caregivers. Eventually, the agency expanded to include a Nurse’s Registry and Home Health Care.

Then, Sharon decided that people 50-plus needed reliable resources, products and services.  She began Mature Resources Network, similar to today’s Angie’s List and Home Adviser. Taking that to the next level, she created Long Island’s first 50-Plus Expos, with over 100 exhibitors and thousands of guests. She was featured in many media articles including a May 14, 1995 Q & A feature in The New York Times titled Riding A Demographic Wave, Marketing to the Over 50’s. Yes, she was one of the first in this field.

At 70, Sharon created and co-authored Bandstand Diaries, a book about the early days of American Bandstand published in November, 2016. Striking a nostalgic chord for people 65-plus, the book enjoys a cult following of baby boomers and seniors who remember running home from school to watch Dick Clark’s daily dance program in glorious black-and-white television!

Currently, Sharon is writing Your NEW YOU After 65, a self-help and motivational book to be published in 2018. She styles herself “The Positive Aging Activist” as she enjoys her life’s third chapter each and every day.

Sharon Sultan Cutler Show Notes

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What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
So how exactly did you do that?
Let’s go back to your nannying venture, you started it out of the New York area?
You say no-one in your family is like you with the entrepreneurial spirit, where do you think you got the courage to do what you do?
What do you do now?
Okay, so you decide that you’re going to write this and find the regulars, tell me your next steps?
What was one of the most successful ideas you implemented for the business?
What is your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Can you give advice to someone wanting to start their own entrepreneurial venture?

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