Barbara Findlay Schenck headshotBarbara Findlay Schenck is a marketing strategist, small business success advocate and author of books and columns that help entrepreneurs and small business leaders plan, brand, market and, when they’re ready, sell their businesses to new owners.

A graduate of Oregon State University, Barbara began her career in Honolulu, where she was admissions director and writing instructor at Hawaii Loa College (now part of Hawaii Pacific University). She spent seven years as an account executive at Hawaii’s largest public relations firm before joining the Peace Corps to manage a community develop program in Malaysia with her husband, Peter.

Upon their return from Southeast Asia in 1980, Barbara and her husband moved to Oregon and launched a marketing agency that grew to one of the Northwest’s Top 15 agencies, with a roster of nationally known brands, by the time they sold it in 1995.

Since selling her agency, Barbara has produced the following business success aids:

  • Author, Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies
  • Co-Author, Business Plans Kit For Dummies
  • Co-Author, Branding for Dummies
  • Author, Selling Your Business for Dummies
  • Author, the BizBuySell Guide to Selling Your Small Business
  • Co-writer, Edgar Award-nominated memoir Portraits of Guilt
  • Lesson developer, Microsoft Small Business Relationship program
  • Marketing Specialist, presented by Visa and Microsoft
  • Columnist and marketing anchor, presented by Sprint and Microsoft
  • Contributor, American Express Open Forum and other business sites
  • Presenter, 10-hour creativeLIVE Powerful Business Planning online course

Today, Barbara is a nationally recognized marketing columnist and public speaker who thinks in headlines, talks in bulleted lists, and, according to BusinessWeek, addresses “real-world problems with real-world solutions.”

Barbara Findlay Schenck Show Notes

Biz Strong
10 hour Video Series on Business Planning

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All by Barbara
Business Plans Kit for Dummies
Small Business Marketing Kit for Dummies
Branding for Dummies
Selling your Business for Dummies
Free – Guide to Selling Your Small Business

What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
I have to ask about the Peace Corp, how old were you when you went in there?
What did you do there?
You weren’t afraid of getting bit by mosquitos during the day?
Did it take you a little bit to adjust to real life?
What do you do now?
When you say that you contracted with brands, what kind of contracts are you talking about, their books?
Is it because in the book stores they were prevalent?
How many people get to your website, how do they find you?
What is one of the most successful ideas you implemented for the business?
What is your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
I have a food blog, not that I’m ready to sell or even know that I would sell, but would someone want to buy something like that?
Is that what it basically is?
When you say biz, buy sell, is it biz?
Since you started the new business, is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
What is the most surprising thing you have discovered once you started your endeavor?
What do you see as the biggest problem in the entrepreneurial space at the moment?
What is the best advice someone has given you?
Could you give advice to someone who is wanting to start out?

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Barbara Findlay Schenck

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