Vivien Hoexter is co-founder and principal of H2Growth Strategies, advising executives and board members to improve performance, build leadership, and increase revenues.

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Vivien Hoexter is co-founder and principal of H2Growth Strategies LLC, a professional services firm that advises executive staff and board members to improve performance, build leadership, and increase revenues for sustainable growth and impact. Working with mission-driven clients, H2Growth leverages its expertise and talents to create a more enlightened world. Services include strategic and succession planning, board development, leadership and CSR training, executive coaching, fundraising and advocacy.

Prior to co‐founding H2Growth Strategies LLC, Vivien spent four years as sole proprietor of Hoexter Executive Consulting, offering a broad range of services to foundations and nonprofit organizations, including strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, talent acquisition and project management.

Vivien works with nonprofits and foundations to develop and refine their strategies, market themselves more effectively and raise more money. She also coaches high-level executives currently in leadership roles and/or transitioning to new ones.

Some of Vivien’s current and past clients include American Geriatrics Society, Community Mainstreaming Associates, EngenderHealth, Heritage Management Organization, Mental HealthAssociation of New York City, New York City Opera, New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, Pardes Institute, The ZAC Foundation, Workmen’s Circle and Young Judaea.

Here are a few examples of Vivien’s work in the past several years:

  • Coached the CEO of a Long Island health-related nonprofit to articulate her vision for the organization more clearly, improve her presentation skills and work more smoothly with her Board of Directors.
  • Facilitated EngenderHealth, a leading global women’s health organization, to create a new vision and rallying cry focused on its family planning roots.
  • Developed a three-year business plan for the Workmen’s Circle to transform from a Jewish fraternal benefits organization to a cultural, progressive learning movement.

Until June 2011, Vivien was Vice President for Marketing and Development at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She served as Chief Executive Officer of Gilda’s Club Worldwide from early 2006 to late 2008. Vivien and her team created a vision and strategic plan for the organization as a leader in the field of emotional and social support for people with cancer, their families, and friends. By implementing this plan, the organization increased its income by 55% from 2005 to 2006 and by 40% from 2006 to 2007.

Vivien was a Vice President at AFS‐USA, Inc., the leading high school student exchange organization, from 1998 to 2006. From 1993 to 1998, she was Director of Development at The Hunger Project. Vivien has also worked as a product manager at CPC International, Inc., a Fortune 100 multinational, and as an assistant buyer at Lord & Taylor.

Vivien graduated magna cum laude with a BA in History from Yale University and has an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School. She lives in New York City with her husband and is an active volunteer with the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance.

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Vivien Hoexter H2Growth Strategies

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What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
That must have been interesting, what type of work did you do?
When you get your MBA, do you pick a specialty when you are in school or did you discover your strategic planning after school?
If you’d only known in hindsight, is that how you feel about Yale?
What do you do now?
After you started your business, what is the most successful idea you implemented for it?
What’s the name of the book?
What was your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Is there anything you wish you had done differently?
You still do the consulting work?
When you first decided to open this business, did you have to leave another job to have this business?
Was it scary?
Did you need courage about approaching your husband about starting something new?
Did you come up against resistance from family or friends and what did you do to overcome it?
What is the most important advice that you’ve gotten from somebody?
Did he recommend writing it down or just do it in your head?
Do you use a tool for that our do you just write it on a pad of paper?
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
What is the most surprising thing that you’ve discovered once you started your endeavor?
How does it work with writing a book with someone else, how did you share the responsibilities?
Was it satisfying?
Did you find that you would get back into it even though the 15 minutes was over?
What do you see as the biggest problem right now in the entrepreneurial space?

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