Nina Manolson has been helping women move into a caring, loving, enriching and nourishing relationship with their bodies for 27 years.

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Nina Manolson helps women over 40 end their war with food and make peace with their bodies.  She is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and a Psychology of Eating Teacher and Coach who has been helping women move into a caring, loving, enriching and nourishing relationship with their bodies for 27 years. She also holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.

Nina is the founder of and creator of the Body-Love Map; the guide that helps women move from body-hate and self-criticism into body-ease and body-love.

Nina offers individual sessions and group programs. She is also the founder of Nourished Woman Nation, a community of women who are stepping into feeling truly good from the inside out.

Nina Manolson Show Notes

Nina Manolson
Video Series – Shifting to Body Love
Program starts January 19, 2018 – Living in a Nourished Body

How to be a Woman at Ease in your Body – Nina Manolson – Free

What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
Can you explain what an Ashram is?
What was your role when you worked in documentaries?
Explain what you do with the coaching?
What is the most successful idea that you implemented for your coaching business?
What is your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Is there anything that catapulted you to the next level in your business?
What is the best advice you have gotten from someone?
Is there any advice that you could give to someone just starting their own venture?
What do you mean by support?
Did you have a stagnant time in your business and how did you weather it?
What is the most surprising thing you have discovered once you started your endeavor?

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Nina Manolson

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