Susan “Honey” Good is an author of fashion, food, and lifestyle blog, featuring authentic, original content for women over 50.

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Susan Good, is the owner and primary writer for the award-winning website, a fashion, food and lifestyle blog she founded in October 2012. She is the wife of real estate auction pioneer, Sheldon F. Good, as well as a mother, daughter, grandmother and great grandmother to 25 “GRANDS” who call her “Honey.” And she is a girlfriend to many.

When Susan’s first grandchild was born in 1987, her daughter selected “Honey” as her grandmother name because it so aptly suited her personality and outlook on life. Today, Susan Good is called Honey by her entire family and the Honey Good staff.

Honey’s website is written for vibrant, visible and savvy women over 50. In many ways, Honey’s own life mirrors her readers’ lives: a mixture of the bitter and the sweet as well as the joys and the sorrows. As she reminds her nearly 150,000 loyal followers in Chicago and around the world: “We have earned our PhDs in Life.”

While living in Honolulu with her first husband and their two daughters, she was suddenly widowed in her early 40’s when her husband had a massive heart attack. She survived two bouts with cancer and the challenge of blending two large families. “I’ve traveled the world, made lasting friendships, endured my hardships and am grateful every day of my life. Through example, I have shown my family, and now my readers, how to make sweet lemonade out of lemons and to always see the glass half-full.”

Describing herself and her mission, she said:

I am a woman with many titles who wears many hats and loves life to its fullest. I walk on the sunny side of the street. I love to ‘shop till I drop’ and I own my own style, thanks to my 96-year-old mother, my teacher and my friend. I have plenty to say to the billions of women worldwide, including Baby Boomers who are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day! is an anthology of thousands of personal stories with insights and advice. Their subjects run the gamut from friendships, grand-parenting, blended families, widowhood, remarriage, family suicide, dating after 50 and cancer survival to advice about why every woman should own that little black dress, buy that properly-fitted shoe and consider growing out her gray hair.

In a weekly piece, Honey offers tips on how to survive every situation from losing one’s car keys in the onion bin to packing for that fabulous trip. Topics reflect the trials and tribulations most women face during this challenging yet invigorating passage.

A writer for Michigan Avenue magazine had this to say about Honey Good:

With a PhD in life thanks to her large and colorful immediate family, poignant personal history and sophisticated lifestyle, Honey Good has a lot to say about everything– and does so with passion, verve, humor, acumen and wit. She is giving an age-old ‘character’ – i.e. the proverbial grandmother – a fresh, hip, new-age voice. Her posts are savvy and fun, yet also relevant and substantive. But above all else, her content is authentic at a time when authenticity is king.

Or queen?

This hip, sophisticated matriarch of a blended family speaks to audiences worldwide. She writes for the Huff Post and regularly contributes to Sixty&, and GRAND magazine. She soon will write lifestyle pieces for the new national Headlines Network powered by Aggrego, a Wrapports company that owns the Chicago Sun Times and is affiliated with nine major publishers around the nation.

Profiled in Michigan Avenue and RM (Rancho Mirage, CA) magazines, Honey Good was recently interviewed by as well as such notable personalities in their own right as Ari Seth Cohen, the documentary producer, photographer and author of Advanced Style.

“Amazing things can happen when you commit yourself,” she added.

She, her husband and their beloved Wheaten Terrier, Orchid, split their time between homes on Chicago’s Gold Coast and in Rancho Mirage, CA.They have traveled to 67 countries, including Iran, Syria and Antarctica, and with their pooch Orchid always by their side, they visit their children, grandchildren and great grandchild who live in seven different U.S. cities.

Honey Good Show Notes

Honey Good

Chicago Women

What did you do before you became a MaturePreneur?
What do you do now?
Let’s talk about why you are called Honey?
When you decided to start Honey Good, did you have a vision of what you wanted it to be?
Tell me what the story is?
When your friend put up the journal pages, did he design the website?
What was the most successful idea you implemented for it?
Do you have something that didn’t work out that you had to change tactics to fix it?
When you started your venture, did you come up against any resistance and how did you overcome it?
Have you had conversations with them or how have you overcome them, or is it still going on and there is no way to overcome it?
What is the most surprising thing you discovered once you started your endeavor?
Did you know this before you started this endeavor or it just came to fruition after you sat down and started doing it?
When is it going to go live?

Honey Good from Honey Good dot com is a dynamic matriarch and helps others with her stories!

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