Cardiff D. Hall is an author, coach, and public speaker who seeks to inspire others with his passion for life and relentless optimism.

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Cardiff D. Hall has a passion for life and helps individuals transform their self-being so they reach and sustain achievement. He is a coach, author, and public speaker.

Prior to starting his own business, Cardiff spent 25 years as an executive in marketing and sales. His experience, coupled with his strong desire to live life with a purpose, inspired him to have a positive impact on the lives of adults and most recently of children through his Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Program.

His first book, entitled Tide Turners: The Practical Guide To Help You Feel In Control, Experience More Joy and Sustain Achievement In Life earned a # 1 new release on Amazon in January 2017.

Cardiff radiates positivity and coaches individuals by helping them turn the tide in their life to achieve. He also provides weekly inspiration and practical advice in his Tide Turners newsletter.

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Cardiff D. Hall
Tide Turners book – Free

Tide Turners – Cardiff D. Hall
The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone

Can you tell my listeners what you did before you became a maturepreneur?
Did you go to school for that?
What made you want to go into that?
Now, what do you do Cardiff?
Did they tell you why you weren’t accepted?
What is the name of the business?
When you work with clients, are you working with people that already have a business or people trying to start something?
Since you started your business, what is the most successful idea that you have implemented for it?
What is your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Are you still working on your job?
What is the most important advice that someone has given you in your life?
Can you give any advice to people who want to start out in the entrepreneurial world?
What do yo wish you had known before you started your entrepreneurial venture?

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