Tony Loyd is founder of Culture Shift Companies, executive producer of Social Entrepreneur podcast and a veteran strategist for global brands.

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Tony Loyd is the founder of Culture Shift Companies and the Chief Learning Officer at Culture Shift Learning Academy. He is also executive producer of Social Entrepreneur, a radio program and podcast that shares stories from change makers who are having a positive impact on the world.

For over 25 years, Tony has provided leadership to Fortune 500 companies and global brands such as John Deere, Medtronic, and Buffalo Wild Wings. He has extensive experience conducting strategic planning, creating talent management strategy and conducting leadership development workshops.

Tony created the learning strategy and led the start-up and operation of two world-class corporate universities. He has directed the development of up to 120,000 personnel in 60 countries. His breakthrough ideas enabled companies to increase worldwide training participation while reducing costs dramatically.

Prior to his work at John Deere, Tony was a Human Performance Improvement Consultant, working with customers as varied as the US Department of Energy, AT&T, Alcoa and the State of Colorado.

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Tony Loyd
Culture Shift Companies
Culture Shift Learning Academy

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What did you do before you became a maturepreneur?
When you ended that job, did you end it to retire or to go do this entrepreneurial thing?
What do you do now?
Once you decided to leave your corporate job did you go directly into your coaching or consulting business?
Did you finish the book?
Will it be a physical book or an ebook?
Once you started your businesses, what was your most successful idea that you implemented for it?
Did you get your customers from your listeners?
What was your least successful idea and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Do you have a mentor?
Once you started your business, was there anything that catapulted you to the next level?
What is the most important advice someone has given you?

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