Dr. Ann Gatty is a former teacher who found her greatest success after she left academia to enter the business world and help others achieve their dreams.

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Dr. Ann Gatty is a career learning specialist.  Dr. Gatty can talk academics very well and spout the names of famous learning theorists with ease.  She can recite learning taxonomies.  She can explain the nuances of how humans learn.  She has written hundreds of lesson plans.  She has taught in classrooms ranging from kindergarten through the university master’s level.

And yet, she decided to leave all this behind her.

While academia has its place in the world of education, Dr. Gatty found that it didn’t provide her with opportunities to help people achieve the real-life results they desired. Even her last position offer at a Pittsburgh university – as a professor in the master’s level leadership program with an applied component – struck her as artificial.

Dr. Gatty’s teaching experience started with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  There she developed lessons that were taught in and among the buildings of a restored, historic eighteenth century town.  She taught history completely without textbooks and found the results rewarding.  For fourteen years Dr. Gatty developed museum education programs for historic sites.  During that time she became convinced that experiential learning was the way to achieve the most lasting, transformational results.

After her tenure in the museum field, Dr. Gatty returned to the classroom with a freshly minted Ph.D. in Instruction and Learning.  Her intention was to train future teachers and business leaders.  But once back in the classroom, she realized that if she wanted to train people to be successful in real life jobs, she needed to be doing so in real life situations.

That’s when she left academia.  She’s been working with business leaders, in their company environments, ever since.

Since re-entering the business world, Dr. Gatty has built and successfully sold companies with her husband and business partner, Dr. Gene Gatty.  She knows what it takes to build a successful business.

Today, Dr. Gatty provides leadership coaching for managers to communicate effectively with staff; she delivers motivational employee training programs with Beretta, her Great Dane therapy dog; she creates work systems and strategic business plans; and she coaches women on work/life balance issues.

By blending both theoretical and practical expertise, Dr. Gatty created The Business Sphere of Excellence®, a strategic business planning tool that helps businesses run efficiently and profitably.  The Sphere of Excellence® embraces organizational values, corporate culture and strategic implementation.

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Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World

What did you do before you became a maturepreneur?
When you were back in the history museums, were you one of the people who walked around and told people what they were seeing?
What is that word you are using, ‘docent’?
You touched upon this before, but could you tell me what your business is and the name of it?
When you left the education field, what made you want to go into your current business? And did you automatically say to yourself that you would go into the business with your husband?
Did you both come up with this idea together?
Do you work in the same office together?
What was the most successful idea that you implemented for your business?
Is this just available for your clients?
Can you give me an example of something that wasn’t successful for your business?
How are you reaching out to these entrepreneurs?
Can you give me another example of something that didn’t quite work out in your business but you changed tactics to fix it?
You started this business with your husband and you were already doing some consulting, were you scared about it?
What is the best advice that someone has given you?
Would you say that the advice you got was learn something new everyday?
Is there any advice you could give to someone just starting out in the entrepreneurial world?
You work with people in your area as well as online, correct?

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