Donna Barker, a former ghost writer, now writes under her own name and voice. She’s the founder of Write, Woman, Write as well as the Creative Women Summit!

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What do you get when you transform a Buddhist monk into a heavy metal guitarist? You get someone who might have the presence of podcast guest, Donna Barker. Not that she’s been either, but that’s exactly how she feels these days.

Donna is a 25-year career ghost-writer who, on turning 50, decided to step out of her ethereal form and give a body to her own voice — which is much louder than she ever could have imagined!

She’s the founder of Write, Woman, Write, a web-based community that supports women “of a certain age” to rev up their confidence, courage and commitment and write the book that they’ve had in their hearts for too long.

Donna is also the co-creator of the online event, the Creative Women Summit: Passion to Profit.

In 2016, Donna published her first book, Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers, an award-winning, mash-up genre novel. She asserts that the timing of publishing her book was inevitable, predetermined by the fact that she was born in 1966. She couldn’t allow herself to say goodbye to her forties without achieving the one goal she’d set for that decade: which was to become a published author. Under her own name.

Reaching this milestone age, and the creative courage it provoked, made Donna realize that each and every one of her big creative projects had started on the precipice of a big life event.

Which is what she’s here to talk about today: How to use your life’s milestones to rev up your creative courage.

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Write Woman Write
Creative Women Summit

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Mother Thersa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers

What did you do before you started you entrepreneurial journey?
Is it weird being a ghost writer, because you can’t really put your name to things, correct?
Was it like that? Will people accept the way I am?
Did you go to school for writing?
Did you do the filming or just the writing?
Can people find it, if they looked for it?
Now that you are past the age of 40, what do you do for your entrepreneurial venture?
Don’t you find that after the age of 40, we get our own voice and not put up with things?
Looking back now when your husband left you, you didn’t think it was a good thing, but do you feel differently now?
I know that you have done an online summit, can you talk about that for a little bit?
Can people actually see this summit now?
How long did it take from the idea of the summit to fruition?
Do you think it will be easier now that you’ve done a summit before?
Once you started your business, was there a successful idea that you implemented for the business that you said, “I have to do more of this”?
Are they basically women you are reaching out to or are some of them men?
What is the least successful idea that you’ve had but you have changed tactics to fix it?
What gave you the courage to leave your job and start contracting yourself out?
Since you started, is there anything you would do or wish you had done differently?
Is there any other advice that someone gave you that stuck, either life related or business?
What did he do as an entrepreneurial venture and what did he wish he’d done?
It is a work of fiction?
I read that you are writing other books, are they books of fiction as well?
Is there any advice that you could give someone just starting out on there entrepreneurial venture?

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