Lise Metzger, entrepreneur and freelance photographer, has harnessed her energy photographing women farmers and blogging about these remarkable women!

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For more than 25 years Lise has been photographing people from all walks of life, all ages, all flavors. She’s produced photographs for national ad campaigns, magazines, and corporations, and she offers personal branding imagery for women entrepreneurs. Both her clients and her subjects appreciate the warm rapport she establishes and the relaxed and supportive shoot environment.

In recent years Lise’s work has incorporated her growing involvement in the sustainable food movement. Her ongoing personal project is Grounded Women: Stories of Women Who Farm (link below). In addition to her photography work, Lise hosts a year-round CSA delivery site, bringing farm-fresh organic food to her community. She also teaches workshops on healthy eating, canning and fermentation. When Lise is not shooting for clients, she can be found out on a farm or in the kitchen.

Lise’s clients include Hanes, Dupont, Target, Motrin, State Farm, Northern Trust, Disney, Taryn Rose (the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned), Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, UCLA, Cooking Light, and Yoga Journal.

Lise has received awards from Communication Arts, AIGA, Graphis, PDN, and The Art Director’s Club of NY, among others.

You can contact Lise at for photography assignments, speaking engagements about the Grounded Women project, or to nominate a farmer to be featured.

Lise Metzger Show Notes

Grounded Women
Lise Metzger Photography

What did you do before you started your latest entrepreneurial venture?
Can you talk about how your photography business dried up?
What did you do after the economy changed?
So, what do you do now?
Can you tell me what your interest in farming is?
Why did you pick taking photos of women farmers as opposed to families or men?
Were men on the farm, did the women have husbands?
What is the demographic of the people who subscribe to your blog?
Can you talk a little about your other website?
How do people contact you to ask about your services?
Have you always worked for yourself?
Was it scary stopping the paycheck type job and going out on your own?
When you started Grounded women, what is the most successful thing that you did you do that you said to yourself, this is really working and I have to continue doing this?
Was the catalyst showing your photographer friend?
Do you think that farms are going under because people can’t afford to it and they sell off their land?
When you started grounded women, was there something you did that didn’t quite work but you changed tactics to fix it?
What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten from somebody?
Is there any advice you can give someone who is just starting out?

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