Calvin Correli shares the deeply personal and often spiritual lessons he learned in founding and operating his online maturepreneurial ventures.

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Calvin Correli is an artist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of a holistically focused, multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. Calvin is passionate about helping online business owners do exactly what makes them feel most alive and is currently branching out to bring all of his gifts, including his musical, spiritual and intuitive talents, into an exciting new service for entrepreneurs.

Calvin has been blogging since the late 1990s. A programmer by training and education, he founded his company Simplero after an epiphany he experience in February of 2008; namely, that we’re here to seek self-realization through entrepreneurship.

What started as software for his own online courses, quickly became a vehicle to empower other entrepreneurs who needed its support. Calvin believes that “entrepreneurship is about allowing the creative force of the universe to work through us and make manifest in the world whatever it is that we feel compelled to create, with that unique essence and vibration that only we can contribute. Entrepreneurship is not some mundane worldly pursuit separate from our spirituality. It is the ultimate expression of our spirituality.”

In December of 2016, Calvin rebooted his blog as a vlog titled, The Calvin Show, wherein he shares his insights, advice, and personal experiences to support the success of others in finding who they are and loving themselves.

Calvin Correli Show Notes

Calvin Correli

What did you do before you started your entrepreneurial venture?
What did/do you program?
When you were growing up, did you know you had to go into programing because your parents did it?
When you started Simplero, what made you want to start that type of a platform?
Did your business partner start it with you or did he join when you got it going?
What was the most successful idea that you had that you implemented?
Would you say the last six months has been the biggest growth?
When you decided you needed to hire other people, was it hard to let go of things and delegate to these people?
What was your least successful idea that you changed tactics to fix?
Talk a little about your show?
Would you say that your show is the fruit of what you started since you turned 40 or would you say it was Simplero?
Do you see any pitfalls for someone over 40 starting a business?
How would you recommend others find there own path, do you have a process for that?
Can you give me a rundown on what Simplero is?
So does the client have to set it up first?
Do you think that hiring people to help you with Simplero, has given you the opportunity to do the Calvin show?
What is the best advice that anybody has given to you?

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