Lyn Slater, a university professor turned accidental fashion icon, talks about her blog for women who lead “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities.

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Lyn Slater founded her website and blog Accidental Icon in September 2014 because she was could not find a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to people who live “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities; people like herself, who are not famous or celebrities but who are smart, creative, fit, thoughtful, engaged, socially responsible and most importantly, clear and comfortable with who they are and reflect this in how they dress.

Lyn believes that fashion has the power to communicate at the individual, group and societal level; that it has the capacity to hold both oppressive and productive practices. Dressing can be purposeful and powerful. That is why Accidental Icon wants readers to think intentionally about fashion and to occupy their cultural space with self-awareness and purpose. A huge fan of “accidental occurrences” and making the most of them, Lyn also believes in serendipity, the kind that might lead to a professor becoming a fashion icon, for example!

Lyn as Accidental Icon is featured on the cover of Grey Magazine. She has also been profiled for articles in Vogue, Mexico, Harper’s Bazaar Brazil and Netherlands, Le’ Officiel Italia and Manila, Milk, Women’s Wear Daily, Marie Claire Espana and Brigitte.

Accidental Icon was identified as one of the Top 7 Blogs for Older Woman by Who, What, Wear and named as one of the Top Fifteen Senior Style Instagrammers to Follow by BuzzFeed.

Lyn Slater Show Notes

Accidental Icon

What did you do before you started your entrepreneurial endeavor?
Can you tell me how you became the Accidental Icon?
What did you do when they started to take photos of you? Did you pose?
Have you had pictures taken of you before?
How soon after this photo shoot did start the blog?
Did you have someone help you with the website?
I think it is interesting that all the magazines that you have been in are from a different country, don’t you think that is strange?
What did you mean about women in cities, opposed to women who don’t live in cities?
Were you surprised that it became a business? And once it became a business, how did you adjust to it?
What’s the most important advice you’ve gotten from someone?

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Lyn Slater

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