Bill Belew explains how a lifelong teacher and writer blazed his own trail to become an independent and self-sufficient maturepreneur who now helps others.

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Bill Belew has been an educator for most of his adult life. He founded a language school in Japan that grew to establish locations on two of Japan’s main islands and eventually in Far East Russia (then part of the Soviet Union). He also taught university in Japan and he was invited to be a visiting scholar in Khabarovsk, Russia, which opened the door for his school in that country.

Bill has taught community college, college, graduate school. and marketing in an MBA program from Buffalo, NY to Silicon Valley here in the states. With his two degrees – a PhD in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing – if Bill knows anything, it’s that he can teach you!

Bill has written several books: Living English, Let’s Communicate, The Key, and Gee, I Wish I Had Been Drinking At The Time. Bill’s latest title, Marketing With Social Media, is currently being promoted by Kendall Hunt Publishing to ALL of the MBA marketing programs in the United States and was recently adopted by a school with over 17,000 students.

Bill began blogging in March of 2006.  His sites garnered enough traffic over the years that eventually other major sites asked him to write for them … then corporations from Shanghai to San Francisco to NYC started asking him, “How’d you do that?”

Bill has been pulled into consulting, another word for teaching, and now works with companies at all stages, from startups to major enterprises. Bill has created the largest private online forum devoted to content and inbound marketing – – where he says, “I can teach more people” and “Maybe I can answer the same questions less often.”

This Bill Belew did NOT dress the king.

Bill Belew Show Notes

Bill Belew

What did you do before you started your entrepreneurial journey past the age of 40?
Did you know the Japanese language?
So that’s what you did since you were an adult, other than the military?
What made you come back to the United States?
Were your children afraid to speak it? Why didn’t they speak it back to you?
What did you start once you moved back to the US?
How long did it take you to be able to work from home?
How long did it take you to write one article?
Is that what you still do now, do you still write those articles?
What is the most successful thing that you did within that business?
Did you have anything that didn’t quite work but you changed tactics to fix it?
Can you talk about your forum a little bit more, why did you put it out there?
What is the most important advice you’ve ever received?

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