Entrepreneur Jason Treu tells how he went from graduating law school to founding his own consulting business, helping the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Hurd!

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Jason Treu is a business and executive coach and sales leadership trainer. He is also the author of Social Wealth and a leading expert on human behavior, social influence, and relationship building.

At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and relationships are our true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people.

Jason graduated with law degree and a Masters in Communications from Syracuse University. He spent seven years in Silicon Valley working with transformational leaders such as Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Mark Hurd and others at companies such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Pixar, Yahoo! and many others.

He has helped his clients meet top influencers, such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Peter Diamandis, Chris Anderson and others. Jason’s book has been a #1 best seller; has ranked #1 in four business categories on Amazon; and sold over 45,000 copies. In the past year, Jason has been a guest expert on more than 400 podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

He has studied with and learned hands-on from some of the world’s greatest experts, such as Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, and Brene Brown, and at leading institutions such as Harvard, University of California Berkeley and Ken Blanchard Companies. Over the past three years, Jason has helped his clients generate over a billion dollars in wealth.J

Jason lives in Dallas, Texas with a curious and energetic 15 year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He is active with charity events and cultural organizations (think, Dallas Museum of Art) and he is a huge sports fan (think, Cowboys and Mavericks). Jason also loves champagne and barbecue. Separately.

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Get Influence at First Sight – 3 Keys to wowing powerful people from the moment you shake hands!

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Social Wealth – Jason Treu
Rising Strong – Brené Brown
Daring Greatly – Brené Brown
How to Live a Good Life – Jonathan Fields
Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday
The Thin Book of Trust – Charles Feltman
Good to Great – Jim Collins

What is your background?
Why did they ask you for the move?
Did you finish law school?
At the interview when you asked them if they were happy, did they give you reasons why they weren’t? Or did they just hem and haw?
Once you started your own business, what was the most successful idea you implemented?
Do you have a mentor right now?
What is the least successful idea you have had in your business and how did you change tactics to fix it?
Is there anything that catapulted you to the next level?
What is the most important advice you have gotten?
Are there any books that you would recommend?

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