Bruce Langford is an accidental maturepreneur whose business evolved from helping children overcome bullying to leveraging the amazing power of mindfulness.

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Bruce Langford is a mentor and coach who helps his clients focus on achieving their goals and attaining their desires through mindfulness practices.

In 2003, Bruce was working with students to overcome the trauma and stress of bullying. His success in helping hundreds of students recover their confidence and happiness taught him that the quality of an individual’s mindset has more influence over his circumstances than most people realize.

Inspired by his work with students, Bruce started coaching entrepreneurs who were seeking tools and skills to empower them in their personal and business lives, when what they really lacked was the right mindset.

For the past five years, Bruce has been helping people become calm, focused, and happy through mindfulness. Bruce hosts the podcast, Mindfulness Mode.

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What is your background?
What year did you start the anti-bullying presentations?
Did you quit your teaching job to do the presentations?
How old are the students that would see the show?
When you presented for the 7th and 8th grades, did you get a lot of participation?
Did you have kids that saw the show multiple years with different presentations?
When did you start your podcast?
When you started your entrepreneurial ventures, did you consider them entrepreneurial?
Has there been anything that hasn’t worked out and you were forced to do something different?

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