After Allan Misner overcame his own health setbacks, he launched the 40+ Fitness podcast to educate, encourage and entertain his clients and followers.

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Not-your-average-wellness-guru, Allan Misner’s journey to health and fitness has been more like the journey the rest of us have taken; an everyman journey.

Athletic in his 20s and fit through his early 30s, by 37 Alan was obese, with over 40% body fat. That sparked his desire to regain the fitness of his youth. But it was a rocky road of fluctuating weight and unsustainable results that left him dissatisfied.

The tide turned when Alan decided to invest in his health the way he invested in his retirement. He became an NASM-certified personal trainer, eventually adding the fitness nutrition specialty and the corrective exercise specialty to his credentials. His education is an ongoing adventure, comprised of reading, listening, and learning.

Alan also invests in multiple gym memberships and buys high quality food because, he says, “Your body is constantly working to rebuild itself and make it ready for the next challenge. I believe if you workout and provide good food to your body, it will get better. So far, my investment is showing a great return. Considering the cost of being ill in old age, the biggest payoff is yet to come.”

Alan founded the 40+ Fitness podcast to educate, encourage and entertain his clients and followers. By talking to experts and sorting through the science of fitness, Alan provides the knowledge to be successful in your health and fitness journey and the encouragement to stay your course, as he continues to do himself!

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