Jon Butt is a successful serial entrepreneur, marketing guru, educator, and podcaster who helps his followers spend less time working and more time earning.

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Jon Butt is not an easy business person to categorize! Without question, he’s a successful serial entrepreneur, first and foremost. But he’s also a marketing guru, an educator, and a podcaster.

Jon started his first business from scratch the old-fashioned way: by cold-calling door-to-door selling fire extinguishers. Ultimately, he sold that business to global fire protection giant, Kidde plc, for seven figures! Numerous other businesses followed, when Jon moved into internet marketing and cut his teeth selling products as diverse as treadmills, colored contact lenses and PDAs. (Remember those?)

Jon’s next move was to build another fire safety company from scratch using ecommerce but, this time, with no sales staff. Using his simple, proprietary online marketing system Jon has managed to generate around $20 million in sales so far and his company is the UK’s largest online fire safety provider. To further prove the system can work for any business, Jon began a nationwide fire extinguisher maintenance division that generated over $100,000 in its first year; all while he spent every other month in Vancouver, Canada, and no longer had a desk or office in his own company.

Jon’s aim is to remove the stress of increasing sales income from the daily grind of business. To this end, he teaches everything an owner needs to know to generate sales and leads on autopilot at and on his daily Marketing For Owners Podcast.

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The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber
Built to Sell – John Warrillow

What is your background?
What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Did you end up going to University?
Why did you continue to sell fire extinguishers?
Do you have any mentors?
If you had one marketing strategy that someone should do, what would it be?

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