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Welcome to my podcast page! Down the page you will find the master index of all of my Maturepreneurial Podcast guests and episodes, listed in chronological order from most recent to oldest. The slider on the right displays episodes in random order.

Click on any link (or Go! button in the slider) to be taken to my guest’s show notes page and to listen to her/his episode. You will read and hear inspiring, instructive stories from older entrepreneurs who have blazed the trail before you.


016: Henry Lopez | Levante Business Group

Henry Lopez of Levante Business Group is a serial entrepreneur who discusses his several businesses and how he currently helps other businesses succeed.

017: Dinesh Kandanchatha | Entrepreneur Consultant

Dinesh Kandanchatha, entrepreneur and consultant, shares his considerable wisdom about starting a business and nurturing it to a successful outcome.

061: Aaron Walker | View From the Top

Veteran entrepreneur Aaron Walker started his first business at 18 and sold it nine years later to a Fortune 500 company. He’s a maturepreneur with a past!

042: Tony Loyd | Culture Shift Companies

Tony Loyd is founder of Culture Shift Companies, executive producer of Social Entrepreneur podcast and a veteran strategist for global brands.

034: Mary Lunnen | Life Coach | Dare To Blossom

Mary Lunnen’s Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Process helps people rediscover their inner wisdom using a simple pack of cards with a single word and a color.

023: David Mancuso | Mancuso Communication Strategies

David Mancuso, a former telecom senior executive, founded his company to develop and implement strategic communications plans for a variety of industries.

013: Alf Herigstad | Being a Better Man

Alf Herigstad is an entrepreneur, podcast host and former Norwegian reality TV star! Hear how he found success and helps others with “Being a Better Man”.

018: Joel Boggess | Finding Your Voice Radio LLC

Joel Boggess, host of the Relaunch podcast and book author, shares how he finds success empowering others as an entrepreneur, mentor and public speaker.

060: Scarlett De Bease | Scarlett Image

Scarlett de Bease helps women elevate their personal brands by teaching them to dress in a way that is authentic to them and flatters their unique bodies.

058: Liz LaForte | LaForte Consulting

Liz LaForte founded LaForte Consulting in 2014 to provide businesses with the human resources tools necessary to build and maintain dynamic cultures.

036: Tom Schwab | Interview Valet

Tom Schwab connects business owners with the right podcasts for their audiences and then shares the steps it takes to turn listeners into raving fans!

011: Christy Haussler | Team Podcast

Christy Haussler shares how she left her fulfilling day job to launch a full service podcast business, helping fellow podcasters take back their lives!

004: Allan Misner | 40+ Fitness

After Allan Misner overcame his own health setbacks, he launched the 40+ Fitness podcast to educate, encourage and entertain his clients and followers.

056: Suzi Grant | Alternative Ageing

Suzi Grant, photographer, nutritionist, author, and blogger, shares her experiences with others so they can grab life by the balls and enjoy it as she does.

063: Elaine Bennett | Bennett Ink

Elaine Bennett is a speech writer, business writer and speaker who also helps other professionals discover and hone their own writing, storytelling talents.

009: Chuck Gumbert | The Turnaround Specialist

Chuck Gumbert rebounded after a layoff at 55 by leveraging his experience as a turnaround specialist and helping other businesses recover from failure.

062: Jane Pollak | Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak is one of the Northeast’s foremost coaches of entrepreneurial women and a living example of how to turn a passion into a thriving business.

032: Maggie Huffman | Coach | Speaker | Talk to Maggie

Maggie Huffman is an author, speaker, and career life coach who will use anything at all to help clients take inspired action and fulfill their true and full potential.

012: Darieth Chisolm | Darieth Chisolm

Darieth Chisolm left her job as a Pittsburgh TV news anchor to start a consulting business, write a book, host a video podcast, become a coach and more!

019: Nicole Holland | Interviews That Convert

Listen to Nicole Holland tell how she succeeded as an entrepreneur with the Building Business Rockstar Podcast! And now with Interviews that Convert!

041: Raj Daniels | OpenTime App

Raj Daniels is founder and CEO of OpenTime, an online scheduling app with the mission of enhancing human experience by connecting people face-to-face.

020: Connie Inukai | Tip ‘n Split® Inventor

Tip ‘n Split® inventor Connie Inukai is a living example to those of us who believe there’s no deadline to miss when it comes to pursuing our dreams!

025: Bill Belew |

Bill Belew explains how a lifelong teacher and writer blazed his own trail to become an independent and self-sufficient maturepreneur who now helps others.

057: Ruth Ullmann | My Elder Care Journey

Ruth Ullmann is a business consultant and coach who believes that no one should have to choose between the business they’ve created and the loved ones they care for.

066: Maggie Green | The Green Apron Company

Maggie Green, a professionally trained chef and registered dietitian, is a nutrition expert, food and nutrition writer, recipe developer, and cookbook industry consultant.

024: Douglas Burdett | Artillery LLC

Douglas Burdett, founder of B2B marketing agency Artillery and host of The Marketing Book podcast, on starting successful new business ventures after 40.

021: Lisa Vogt | Life Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host | Ever Better Podcast

Lisa Vogt is a life coach, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. Listen and learn from her experiences in overcoming obstacles and finding success!

048: Cardiff D. Hall | Cardiff D. Hall dot com

Cardiff D. Hall is an author, coach, and public speaker who seeks to inspire others with his passion for life and relentless optimism.

026: Lyn Slater | The Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater, a university professor turned accidental fashion icon, talks about her blog for women who lead “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities.

022: Mickie Zada | The Second 53 Years

Mickie Zada shares stories from the road she traveled to become her authentic self and inspire other 50+ women to move from where they are to who they are.

015: Jason Treu | The CEO’s Secret Weapon

Entrepreneur Jason Treu tells how he went from graduating law school to founding his own consulting business, helping the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Hurd!

029: Paul Johnson | God Zone Show Podcast

Paul D. Johnson is a writer, speaker, ministry leader, life coach and host of The God Zone Show podcast who uses his seven decades of wisdom to help others.

027: Dr. Joe Tatta | Heal Your Pain Now

Learn how Dr. Joe Tatta’s mission to create a new paradigm for treating persistent pain has inspired his entrepreneurial ventures and led to his success.

070: Deborah Owens | The Corporate Alley Cat

Deborah Owens founded the Corporate Alley Cat to fully support and equip every person of color for the opportunities and challenges in the corporate arena.

033: Joseph Aquino | Joseph Aquino Commercial Real Estate Services

Joseph Aquino is a NYC realtor with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in hotel, retail, office, showroom and industrial development projects.

050: Milana Leshinsky | Simplicity Circle

Milana Leshinsky emigrated from Ukraine, built a million dollar business, and then walked away from it all. She’s an inspiring, fascinating success story.

038: Soren Skovdahl Hansen | Tribe of Entrepreneurs

Soren Skovdahl Hansen, host of the Tribe of Entrepreneurs podcast, offers inspiration and insight into overcoming the challenges of starting a new business.

054: Jim Akers | Your Impact Coach

Jim Akers is a speaker, author and coach who helps people focus their time, talent and resources on success that maximizes their impact and influence.

064: Lorraine C. Ladish | Viva Fifty!

Lorraine C. Ladish, founder and CEO of Viva Fifty!, a bilingual community that celebrates being 50 and above, empowers women to achieve their dreams.

046: Pauline Durban | Covered Perfectly

At the age of 56, Pauline Durban invested her life savings into creating Covered Perfectly: an online clothing store dedicated to fashion for women over 40.

043: Mel Kobayashi | Bag and a Beret

Mel Kobayashi is a Canadian blogger and late-lifestyle fashion leader who advocates unlearning the rules and extending personal boundaries with humor.

037: Adam Urbanski | The Marketing Mentors

Adam Urbanski, aka The Millionaire Marketing Mentor®, is a self-made change agent, marketing wiz, trainer, speaker, and passionate entrepreneur!

030: Lise Metzger | Grounded Women | Lise Metzger Photography

Lise Metzger, entrepreneur and freelance photographer, has harnessed her energy photographing women farmers and blogging about these remarkable women!

047: Teresa McCloy | Teresa McCloy Coaching

Teresa McCloy is a recovered workaholic whose mission is to help clients stop being busy and do what matters for their personal and professional success.

002: Nicky Roche | Small Business Drivers

Nicky Roche left the corporate world and founded Small Business Drivers to leverage her wisdom and experience and help other entrepreneurs succeed.

035: Donna Barker | Write, Woman, Write | Creative Women Summit

Donna Barker, a former ghost writer, now writes under her own name and voice. She’s the founder of Write, Woman, Write as well as the Creative Women Summit!

059: Dr. Phil Carson | Carson Natural

Dr. Phil Carson is a pharmacist and owner of natural health businesses who went from $500,000 in debt to thriving maturepreneur in seven years.

049: Jean Haynes | Jean Haynes Consulting

Jean Haynes helps professional women sync high performance and profit with their purpose and values so they can live and lead as their authentic selves.

044: Beca Lewis | The Shift Experience

Beca Lewis has been shifting people’s perceptions of what’s possible since she was a girl, and pursues the same work today as an author, coach, and mom.

062: Jane Pollak | Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak is one of the Northeast’s foremost coaches of entrepreneurial women and a living example of how to turn a passion into a thriving business.

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